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Hey babes! As I mentioned a couple posts ago, I am now writing weekly horoscopes and occasional astrology articles over at the beautiful mystic portal Dreaming Souls.

Here are the major astrology transits for the coming week, as originally posted on Dreaming Souls. Make sure to head over to the original post to read your sign-specific horoscope too!

Weekly Horoscope for November 4, 2018 - Original illustration by Dreaming Souls

Original illustration by Dreaming Souls

Astrological Landscape

We have a moody start to the week with a Dark Moon against a backdrop of Venus still squaring Pluto for the rest of the month, and Mercury Retrograde in its shadow zone. On the 6th, Uranus Retrograde moves from Taurus to Aries, and the next day we have a New Moon in Scorpio. The weekend closes on a considerably lighter note, with Jupiter, Mercury, and the Moon in Sagittarius through Saturday.

Nov. 4-7: Dark Moon phase

Nov. 6: Uranus reverses into Aries

Nov. 7: New Moon in Scorpio

Nov. 8: Jupiter into Sagittarius

Nov. 9-10: Jupiter, Mercury, and Moon in Sagittarius

Venus Square Pluto through November

November’s square between Venus in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn is all about power dynamics in the relationships that structure our lives, as well as transforming and balancing our own relationship to ourselves, to society, and to our assets.

Other themes of this transit include financial empowerment, finances and power in our relationships, paying and collecting on debts owed, national debts, wealth redistribution, and political reparations.

Make sure to check last week’s horoscope for more on Venus square Pluto.

Mercury Retrograde Protocol

Mercury goes retrograde on November 16th through Sagittarius and Scorpio, and we’re well into the shadow zone till then. If you have strong placements in either of these signs or strong Jupiter or Mars placements, you’re probably already feeling the effects of the shadow zone especially intensely.

Take care of business now. Sign your contracts, buy your tech upgrades and other expensive purchases, and back up your data definitely before November 16th and ideally before the shadowzone starts on November 1st. Here are more details about Mercury Retrograde.

Uranus Reverses Into Aries

On November 6th, Uranus reverses from Taurus into Aries until finally going direct next January 6th.

This retrograde has been about revolutionizing your relationship to your physical self and your belongings. In Taurus, Uranus teaches us how to get radically grounded. Once Uranus returns to Aries (where he’s been since 2011), Uranus applies these lessons in groundedness to supporting our individual self-expression.

How has the role of the individual shifted in society since 2011? We have definitely seen the status of individuals in society thanks to Uranus-ruled technology – first through television and movies, and more recently through the internet.

Do you follow or idolize influencers to your own detriment? If so, Uranus in Aries can create opportunities for you to develop a healthier sense of self.

Dark Moon Protocol

The Dark Moon is the period of a few days before a New Moon. As the light of the moon waxes and wanes, our own energies wax and wane accordingly.

It’s the perfect time to align with a “yin” rather than “yang” vibe. Stay hydrated, take naps, cancel unnecessary plans, and release rather than taking on more.

This Dark Moon lasts until November 7th, the beautiful Scorpio New Moon.

New Moon in Scorpio Ritual

As close as possible to the exact time or just after the New Moon, clear space for a ritual. Affirm what you are calling into your life regarding the Scorpionic themes of endings, shared resources, the occult, and taboos.

On the surface, it’s a paradoxical New Moon because Scorpio is about loss and endings, and New Moons are about birth. This New Moon in Scorpio understands that all things must die for new life to come into being.

Meditate on where in your life you feel “at war,” in your relationships, politically, spiritually, and with yourself. Which of these wars are worth fighting? Are you fighting other people’s battles for them?

Where could you actually stand to be more combative, more assertive, more ruthless? What do you need to manifest for your inner warrior to thrive on the spiritual battlefield?

Do you fight with the intention of creating love and justice, or do you fight for the comfort of it, because you’re addicted to the cortisol?

On one hand, fighting can be a waste of energy – feeding our precious resources of attention and time to entities we wish to see weakened can actually reinforce them. On the other hand, denying the evils we see in our world and attempting to bask in “love and light” 24/7 is spiritual bypassing and a form of complicity.

Evil teaches many spiritual lessons. One is learning to discern the difference between which forces will die off naturally if starved of attention and energy, versus which require direct confrontation. Another spiritual lesson is learning to face all of life even when we are fearful.

And yet another lesson is to cultivate our personal power fully in order to create the world that we wish to inhabit. That we wish for others. That we wish to pass onto our children. That we would’ve wished for our ancestors. Tune into the wisdom of Mars, god of war, and Pluto, god of death, both co-rulers of Scorpio, for guidance on what you wish to create with this New Moon.

Jupiter, Mercury, and Moon in Sagittarius

After every moody, cozy Scorpio moon comes a Sagittarius moon to lighten things up. And on Friday and Saturday, Jupiter, Mercury, and the Moon will be in Sagittarius.

For the past year in Scorpio, Jupiter magnified the Scorpionic issues of taboos and secrets, for example by blowing the lid off sexual harassment scandals in Hollywood.

Jupiter moving into his sign of rulership, Sagittarius, is a huge vibe shift, especially for us Sagittarius folk. Expect expansion, growth, and adventure in whatever house you have Sagittarius in. So for example, if you have Sagittarius in the 2nd house, Jupiter is going to bring financial growth. In the 7th? A big romantic adventure!

And with the conjunction to Mercury and the Moon over the weekend, we can expect intuitive nudges, omens and synchronicities regarding what bounty this Jupiter trip will provide over the next year. Enjoy this optimistic, free-spirited, adventurous vibe and think BIG regarding what you want to see magnified in the year to come.

Read your sign-specific horoscope at Dreaming Souls for more about how the transits above affect you personally this week.

Happy Jupiter in Sag everyone!

- Kiki

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