Project #Astrobeauty

Project #Astrobeauty promotional image featuring cloud eye makeup by @Canditopia

Selfies + Beauty + Astrology

Join 144 beauty influencers, microinfluencers, pros, and enthusiasts in possibly the cutest & largest roundup of sun-rising selfies in history! Keep reading for more details on Project #Astrobeauty.

Click here if you're ready to sign up, and check out the Astrobeauty Gallery.

Project #Astrobeauty promotional image featuring beauty by @Glamazon1026

Project #Astrobeauty is a series of 12 blog posts (here on my beauty & magic blog of 12 different beauty profiles each, based on sun-rising combos for a total of 144 profiles. The final product will also include a designated web page that shows all of the photos in one epic gallery. Envision a radiant WALL of beauty.

I started Project #Astrobeauty because in all my years studying astrology and especially in mainstream spaces, I've mostly only seen white celebrities referenced when describing the rising sign characteristics, fashion taste, etc.

I'm a queer, femme, biracial hair & makeup artist as well as a witch and astrologer so the rising sign - our public identity, how we present to and are seen by the world - is something I think about a lot. I've initiated this project to celebrate and center marginalized beauty through astrology. Everyone is welcome, and to be crystal clear Project #Astrobeauty includes trans/non-binary/GNC folks.

Project #Astrobeauty promotional image featuring cloud eye makeup by @canditopia

Makeup by @canditopia on Instagram & Twitter

This project will intentionally take up a lot of space in both the beauty and mystic communities due to its scale, as it will profile at least 144 people by the end of the project. So please be open to a lot of promotion and exposure.

The minimum requirements to participate are your sun and rising sign (you can find yours for free at, and at least 3 of your favorite photos. I want everyone to benefit as much as possible through Project #Astrobeauty, so feel free to also submit your bio, product affiliate links, promo codes, Youtube channels, etc.

We're currently at 40 participants out of our goal of 144. That's 27%! We're aiming for a Scorpio season launch, so Scorpios are especially encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

Selfies + Beauty + Astrology = Project #Astrobeauty featuring @theAntiMUA for

And one final thought - you don't need to have amazing makeup or special beauty skills. "Looks" are not required - a bare face is just as beautiful.

If you love the project but don't necessarily want to show your face, please show your support by sharing the promotional images I'm sharing as @kikibabemagic on Twitter and Instagram. Don't forget the hashtag #Astrobeauty! Feel free to email or reach out on social media with any questions.

Click here if you're ready to sign up! Thank you for participating, and please spread the word!




PS: Are you into numerology? If so, you have to check out this free video report. It's not only super spot on, it's also beautiful and fun to watch. Enjoy!

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