Astrology & Palmistry Readings, Horoscopes, and a Giveaway!

Equinox Magic: Astrology and Palmistry Readings, Weekly Horoscopes, and a Very Magical Giveaway

Hello Earthlings, happy Equinox! I'm excited to share some major magical developments in my corner of the universe. Here's a quick overview before I dive into the details:

  • First, I've finally opened up my astrology and palmistry reading services to the public. I've been practicing palmistry for 20 years and reading astrology charts for 6, so it's truly about time. I'll share the story of how I got into astrology and palmistry, details about the readings, client testimonials, and giveaway details below.

  • Second, I'm newly the astrology writer at Dreaming Souls, where you can find two posts a week from me: one astrology lesson and one weekly horoscope! I've included excerpts below, from each of the seven posts I've published so far, so you can check out the topics you're most interested in.

Astrology & Palmistry Readings

I started reading palms when I was 10. I found a palmistry book in the basement and no one knew where it came from. I've been reading palms ever since, and to this day that's a large part of how I form my first impressions of people. It fit well with my existing interests in witchcraft as a whole, which till that point manifested as an obsession with the dream realm, mythology, holding seances during recess and at sleepovers, and collecting rocks. I even had a crystal ball.

Palmistry is when my powers took off. What made it real for me was seeing that both of my parents had me and my siblings on both of their palms. That actually frightened and humbled me. My grandmother taught me reflexology and I incorporated that as well.

Astrology came much later. I was always interested in horoscopes and mythologies, and palmistry references the planets and has many correlations with astrology. But I didn't start looking at charts till ...6-7 years ago? Shortly before going to beauty school. My partner at the time was very anti-woo, which... well, I'm a quintuple Sag. So that just pushed me further to the dark side lol.

I got into tarot around the same time as astrology. When I became a hairstylist, I started incorporating readings into my appointments. So I'd either have my hair clients pull up their charts or pull some cards and we'd talk about it while I did their hair. Super fun.

Which brings me to present day. Right around the time we were leaving for Bali (April 2018) I had a very strong realization that I needed to offer readings online. So I put out a call to do some free palm readings via Twitter and Instagram.

Those readings went *very* well but actually formalizing my services got back burnered in the traveling. Then around the Blood Moon Eclipse I again felt the call. So I put out an offer for free Blood Moon Eclipse astrology readings. Excellent response. And now I'm finally adding my services to my Shop page, and you can also expect more magic content in my social media channels.

I'll probably offer tarot at some point. But for now I'm just offering Babe Magic Astrology & Palmistry Readings!

At first I thought I'd offer them for $11.11 as a launch promotion, because that's my favorite number, but in practice I'm somewhat ... unable to spend less than at least 3 hours on each one, and I'm also swamped with writing gigs, so I decided to open at $22.22. My second favorite number. As of October 10, 2018, they'll go up to full price at $44.44, where they will remain for at least the rest of the year.

And I'm also doing an astro-palmistry giveaway on Twitter! Just follow me and RT my pinned tweet to enter. The prize is a free DOUBLE reading a week to a random winner for the rest of this promotional month, until 10/10. You'll get a beautiful customized astrology and palmistry reading double-PDF in your inbox. You can also use this prize as a gift for someone else.

Babe Magic Astrology Reading PDF

The Babe Magic Astrology Reading includes:

  • Quick Portrait: Your soul purpose/personality

  • Astro Landscape: The major astrological events of your near future

  • Current Possibilities: How these aspects may manifest in your life

  • Cosmic Guidance: How you might best channel this energy

A client review of their astrology report:

"Wow! This is so spot on and encouraging. Your quick portrait nailed me to a T. Extremely on-point and enlightening. But more than that, I now feel emboldened to take the steps I need to bring my world into focus."

Babe Magic Palmistry Reading PDF

The Babe Magic Palmistry Reading includes:

  • Intro to Palmistry

  • Quick Portrait: The key features of your palms, including diagrams identifying the lines, fingers, and mounds

  • Analysis: How these features manifest, insights regarding subconscious patterns, and potential spiritual/professional/intellectual/health/romantic developments

Client palmistry review:

"What an amazing gift you have! I felt it was extremely accurate and provided me with more insight and a different take on what I’ve learned about my past and current life phases already. I read it aloud and my bf was like 'yup,' 'yup,' 'that’s you' lol."

The morning after I launched my readings on social media, I was so happy to wake up to my first booking. As I was reading over the client's details, a feral black cat walked up to my always-open front door and looked me dead in the eyes. If that's not a confirmation I don't know what is.

Thank you to everyone for supporting me on this journey so far. I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to serve with my gifts.

Shop mystic readings, beauty supplies, and my free e-books here.

Astrology Articles & Weekly Horoscopes at

I've been loving writing about astrology for the beautiful new mystic portal Dreaming Souls. Starting September 23rd, 2018, I'll also be publishing weekly horoscopes there so make sure to sign up to receive my astro channelings in your inbox every Sunday. Each horoscope will include an astrological overview as well as sign-specific details. Here's a taste of what I'll be sharing this weekend:

On the 25th we have an Aries Full Moon conjunct the wise healer Chiron. This asteroid loves to provide opportunities for the psychospiritual reckoning required to fully heal, so consider this your trigger warning. Thanks to a fateful conjunction with both the Part of Fortune and the vertex point, this moon stimulates the catharsis needed to clear space for an unexpected development that you might not even fully recognize as the joyful gift that it is until the dust has settled.

Here's a preview of each of the posts I've written so far - perfect for astrology newbies - and I even made astrology infographic cheat sheets like this one for several of the posts, perfect for keeping on your phone for reference or adding to your metaphysical boards on Pinterest.

Astrology Birth Chart Basics infographic cheat sheet diagram for - find out your sun sign, rising or ascendant, house system, what planets represent, and the meaning of aspects

The first five posts are designed to be primers for anyone brand new to astrology. The last two, and from here on out I'll be going more in-depth. My next astrology article is about birth chart aspects. I'm also thinking about doing one soon on how to tell if you have magical powers and if so, what they are. Please let me know in the comments if there's anything you'd like to read more about!

Astrology 101: Understanding the key elements of Western evolutionary astrology, as well as provide practical tips throughout of how to apply this knowledge to your life.

The Zodiac Wheel: An overview of each of the signs, including their role in archetypal evolution, planetary rulers and basic traits, and add a little sparkle to your understanding of the zodiac personalities with a Choose Your Adventure poll at the end of each sign!

How to Read Your Astrology Chart: The difference between your sun sign and rising sign, the meaning of the houses, the planets and what they represent, and what aspects are and how to interpret them

The Planets & Their Meanings: The astrological qualities of the sun, moon, and planets, as well as list some interesting mythological correlations across ancient civilizations.

The Meaning of the Houses in Astrology: The houses of astrology are used to describe the various realms of human life, ranging from self expression to career to spiritual transcendence.

The Meanings of Asteroids in Astrology: Eight popular asteroids - Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesto, Eros, Psyche, Chiron, and Chariklo - their histories and associated archetypes, and how they might manifest in the chart on a good day versus on a bad day.

How to Find Your Fate With Astrology: Interpreting the Moon’s Nodes, Midheaven, Vertex Point, Part of Fortune, and The Great Attractor.

Writing about astrology is something I didn't even consciously realize I'd enjoy doing it until the opportunity arose, so this has been such a beautiful development in my life. My intention for this expansion of my magical practice is to act as a clear conduit and cosmic translator, offering information for the highest good of anyone who reads my work. Thank you for reading and make sure to subscribe to my newsletter and follow me on social media for more updates! Have a beautiful Equinox weekend!

You can follow Dreaming Souls on Instagram at @hellodreamingsouls, and I'll be posting updates at my Instagram and Twitter @kikibabemagic as well.

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