33 Ways to Feel More Beautiful

Photo by Ev Marquee / hair by Kiriko Kikuchi / makeup by Tristany Lee / styled by Jourdinae Shaw

Photo by Ev Marquee / hair by Kiriko Kikuchi / makeup by Tristany Lee / styled by Jourdinae Shaw

Hi babe! I’ve created a list of 33 free actions you can take for yourself right now to feel more beautiful.

These are all tips that I’ve learned throughout my life and career as a hair & makeup artist with a passion for magic, personal development, metaphysics, health, and energy work. These are all techniques I personally practice and have benefited from. I hope you do too.

You'll notice that while some of these actions involve the type of pampering we commonly associate with enhancing our physical beauty, this list mostly focuses on improving your internal energetic state. Why?

I focus on energy because I want these tools to be as accessible to as many people as possible.

We may not all have access to luxury services and products, but we all have direct control over our internal energetic state.

When you feel good, you look and feel more beautiful. It really is that simple.

You can start at the beginning and follow it step by step, or you can skim through and start with what resonates most. Set your cynicism aside long enough to try at least three of these steps. Take what works and leave the rest.

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33 Ways to Feel More Beautiful

  1. Take a deep inhale and stretch any muscle in your body while holding the inhale. Expanding your chest with oxygen will enhance the stretch and increase circulation into the freshly stretched areas.

  2. Do as many pushups as you can, especially if you feel scattered or anxious. This activates the heart and sacral chakras and grounds you to the Earth at the same time. If you can't do pushups, visualize yourself doing pushups as a grounding exercise (see #29 for more on grounding). Visualize connecting to the Earth and pushing your body weight up off it. Visualization is such a powerful tool - athletes visualize their peak performance over and over before going out and actually doing it, because deep visualization practice is just as beneficial to the 3D body as physical practice. Deep visualization synchronizes your energetic state and physical state.

  3. Practice face yoga. I love Fumiko Takatsu's work so much, and her story of how she developed the Face Yoga Method is amazing.

  4. What is the most energizing and satisfying food you have access to right now? Plate it as beautifully as possible and eat it with relish.

  5. Look deep into your own eyes in the mirror. If you can't look into your own eyes in a mirror for whatever reason, touch every part of your whole body top to bottom - bring your entire consciousness into your hands as you do this and really feel your own Self. If you can't use your hands for whatever reason, learn Vipassana meditation (they provide free retreats all over the world!) to bring your conscious awareness to every single part of your body systematically. Relationships thrive on attention. Develop your relationship with yourself by paying deep attention to and cultivating deep awareness of your unique physical experience.

  6. Imagine your favorite recent outfit, hair, or makeup look. Smile at your memory.

  7. Recreate your favorite recent outfit, hair, or makeup look. Don’t take any pictures, show anyone else, or go out: just smile at yourself in the mirror.

  8. What’s the sexiest song you can think of? Put it on. Sing along.

  9. Are there any fresh flowers in your immediate vicinity? Go breathe their aroma and energy deep into your lungs. Contemplate the many ways you are very much like a flower.

  10. Make energetically charged electrolyte water: mix a glass of water with a pinch of pink salt or sea salt (not table salt) or fresh lemon or lime juice to boost your electrolytes and energy levels. Thank the water and project loving, healing energy onto the glass to charge it with healing energy before you drink it.

  11. Remember the blinking contest? Do a smiling contest. You gently smile at yourself - in the mirror while holding deep eye contact, if you'd like - for as long as possible without turning away or laughing. You can also play this with a friend. You’ll both feel more beautiful.

  12. Where are you holding tension in your body? Pinch just the skin of those areas and roll it between your fingers. This is much easier than applying deep pressure and releases a lot of tension.

  13. Learn how to meditate (I love Vipassana meditation - see #5). When you’re grounded, you’re more radiant.

  14. Brush your hair (or scalp, if you don’t have hair) 100 times or as many times as is comfortable to get a tingling sensation going. This stimulates circulation and relaxes your whole head.

  15. Only follow people on social media whose content you truly enjoy. Mute or unfollow anyone who you find draining or destructive. If you use social media, you might as well use it to connect with those who energize, inspire, motivate and uplift you.

  16. Give yourself a break from the phone and other electronics. The radiation from the phone is draining and the light from the screens especially is destructive to the eyes. And I learned recently that the light is also damaging to your skin!

  17. Listen to binaural beats and Schumann resonance, ideally on headphones, for an energetic tune-up. You’re most radiant when you’re energetically in tune and audio is an amazing tool for shifting your energy.

  18. Have a glass of charged electrolyte water (see #10) before you take a nap, before you go to bed, and as soon as you wake up.

  19. Carry pink salt or sea salt with you to add to water you may drink in public spaces and help provide electrolytes throughout the day.

  20. Cut out sugar from your diet. Your blood sugar levels will stabilize, and you’ll have more energy. More energy = more radiance

  21. If you have neck tension, take a deep inhale and hold the inhale as you do neck circles. The inhale helps expand your body and deepens the stretch. Make sure you’re hydrated to minimize head rushes.

  22. Suck on your own cheeks and lips for a quick boost of blood flow to your face. More circulation = more glow.

  23. Here’s something I learned from my mom: place AA batteries or smooth stones between your toes. She’d walk around the house with batteries between her toes to act as a passive foot massage and boost circulation in her feet. It feels intense but invigorating and amazing.

  24. Try setting your pillow aside and level up your beauty sleep: roll up a towel or piece of fabric so that it fits comfortably under your neck when you lie down in bed. Let your neck “melt” over this support.

  25. Alternate hot and cold water in the shower to stimulate circulation and boost your energy levels. You’ll look radiant and glow when you step out of the shower.

  26. Every night, or as needed, release the energies that you’ve gathered throughout the day that don’t serve your highest good, and reclaim your own pure energy. All you have to do is say, think, and/or write, “I release all energies I’ve gathered that don’t serve my highest good. I reclaim my own pure energy.” Much of our stress comes from taking on the chaotic energies of the world around us. When we can release these chaotic energies and tune back into our own center, we radiate from a place of inner peace.

  27. Fill a closed pouch or bag with dry rice or beans and place it over your eyes. I find the weight over my eyes very relaxing, and I wake up looking more refreshed.

  28. Go into the most wild space you have access to. Surround yourself with trees and plants regularly. If you find yourself sleepy, tired, or irritable in nature, this may be a symptom of your body unwinding - find a place to lay down and stare at the sky or take a nap.

  29. If you feel overwhelmed, anxious, or scattered, try dropping a “grounding cord” into the Earth’s center. Visualize the Earth as your mother, and your grounding cord as an umbilical cord. Drop the cord - it can look however you want it to look - into Earth’s center so she can provide you with energetic nourishment.

  30. Mix a big scoop of coarse salt or coffee grounds into your body wash to exfoliate your skin. Glow harder.

  31. Exchange back scrubs with a loved one. This is a common practice in my home country of Japan, especially at onsen (hot springs). It can be hard to reach the middle of your own back and having someone else do it for you is so relaxing.

  32. No bathtub? Exchange back rubs with a loved one. For the same reason as #31.

  33. Create a beauty altar in honor of yourself. Include beautiful items that tune you into your highest, purest energy, and set it up in your favorite part of your living space. You can include anything from beautiful plants, rocks, and shells to print-outs of your best selfies to your favorite incense to candles to food offerings. You can include anything from sea shells as a reminder that your body is your home to crystals to cat pics to coconuts as a symbol of abundant nourishment. If creating a physical altar isn't practical for you for whatever reason, create a "Digital Altar" on Pinterest and include anything that you personally find energizing, relaxing, grounding, fulfilling and sensual.

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