Beach Day Beauty Essentials

June 18, 2018




My favorite thing in life right now is the beautiful, secluded beach 100 steps from our apartment door.


Even on a weekend afternoon, there's hardly anyone in sight. I'd always fantasized about returning to the tropics. A beachfront apartment seemed like a stretch goal.


Now I can wake up, throw on a bikini, grab my beach bag, and 2 minutes later, I'm at the beach.


What do you keep on hand during hot summer days? Aside from my sketchbook and water canteen, I have 4 summer essential beauty products that I use daily:






1. SKIN: MyChelle Sun Shield SPF 28


I love to sunbathe.


I feel genuinely better when I've got a good glow going on, but applying - and reapplying - sunblock is still a must. It took me forever to find one that really worked for me. MyChelle Dermaceuticals Sun Shield is my favorite!


I love MyChelle Sun Shield!


It has a very sheer, non-greasy texture despite zinc oxide (which is naturally white) being the active ingredient. 


You can check out the excellent specs on the MyChelle website.


Their site says it's out of stock right now. That's okay, there are plenty of places to pick it up.


You can buy MyChelle Sun Shield here!




2. MAKEUP: Skindinavia Bridal Setting Spray



Do you like to wear pink eyebrows and cateyes to the beach?


Welcome to the club. If so, you need a really strong makeup setting spray in your life.


Skindinavia Bridal Setting Spray is a must-have product in any makeup kit.


It lasts all day and is weather, sweat, and water resistant. It won't hold up to actually submerging oneself in the ocean. But if you want to sunbathe and splash around a bit and have your makeup look great while doing it?


Skindinavia is IT.


For major hold, use 3 layers!


Buy Skindinavia Bridal Setting Spray here.



3. HAIR & SCALP: R&CO High Dive Moisture & Shine Creme 




R&Co High Dive is everything you could want in a leave-in conditioner.


It offers moisture, hydration, shine-enhancing, detangling - and also heat and UV protection!


3 reasons High Dive. Is. For. You:


  • You want to protect your color from fading

  • You want to protect your locks from salt & wind

  • You have short hair and want to protect your scalp from sun damage (hair products with UV protection are way easier to apply to the scalp than sunblock formulated for skin)


I like to apply it before I go to the beach *and* after I get out of the water.


Then I comb it through, throw my hair in braids, happy that my hair is deep conditioning till I'm able to rinse the rest of the salt or pool water out! A little goes a long way and it smells heavenly! You need this in your beach bag.


Buy R&Co High Dive Moisture & Shine Creme here.



4. SUPPLEMENT: Hawaiian Astaxathin



What is Hawaiian astaxanthin, and what is it doing on a beauty blog?


I'm so glad you asked! 


Astaxanthin is an antioxidant derived from algae.


It's one of my all-time favorite supplements. It's known for its anti-inflammatory effects, proving beneficial for joint health, skin health, brain health, recovery from athletic strain, and more!


When I started taking it, I stopped getting sunburned. Like at all.


I normally burn at the beginning of summer or after being in the sun for more than an hour, but I literally can hang out in the sun all day long without any sunburn when I'm taking astaxanthin.


I've tried BioAstin and a couple other brands that were on sale at Whole Foods.


BioAstin Hawaiian astaxanthin claims to be the best (watch the video in their Amazon listing, the rainbow colored algae farm looks amazing!). Jarrow is the cheapest I've tried, and I like that you take one 12-mg softgel as opposed to three 4-mgs of BioAstin.


I recommend astaxanthin highly for anyone of any skin tone.


It will help you protect your skin from sun damage - from the inside out!


Shop Hawaiian astaxanthin here.



Those are my all-time favorite, stuck-on-a-desert-island, essential summer beauty products!


What are yours??









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