Makeup Bokeh Tropical Eye Tutorial

Makeup bokeh optical illusion eye tutorial #makeuptutorial

Bokeh is a Japanese word used to describe how the camera translates out of focus light, especially sparkling, glittering light surfaces. Here's an example similar to the photo I referenced for this look:

And makeup bokeh is when you create this luminous effect on your face!

I first got the idea to do a makeup bokeh look right after I arrived to Bali a month or so ago. I don't remember how it occurred to me, but I was immediately obsessed - check out my first couple attempts here and here. Today I decided to do a tropical ocean-themed bokeh look and love how it turned out! Do you like it?

Makeup bokeh does take patience but is surprisingly simple - keep reading for the product list and basic technique.

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Makeup bokeh optical illusion eye tutorial #makeuptutorial

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Weekend Festival Palette by BH Cosmetics #eyeshadow #makeup #shimmer

MAKEUP BOKEH: 101 Tutorial & Product List

1. You'll need a small, flat, rounded concealer brush like the BH Cosmetics #8 concealer brush. Dip it into a very light primer/concealer and tap it into your eye once, wherever you want the bokeh effect. Then repeat that motion in a circle until you have a circle of primer. Repeat until you have as many bokeh dots as you want.

2. Then go over the dots with the shimmery colors that match and complement your base eyeshadow color. I alternated between shadows from the BHC Weekend Festival Palette and the Nyx Avant Pop Surreal My Heart Palette.

3. Using a detail brush, like the #4 pointed crease brush below, highlight and contour the bokeh effect with the varying shades of blue as needed to create dimension.

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