Bridal Hair & Makeup

June 4, 2018

Welcome to my portfolio series! This page is an ongoing collection of my favorite bridal and event hair & makeup creations. Below you'll find the following:


Vegas Wedding

Pink Braided Updo

Loc'ed & Braided Chignon

Soft Floral Cascade

Bliss Wedding Showcase


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Vegas Wedding



Hair & Makeup by Kiriko Kikuchi

Flower Crown by Berkeley-based Claremont Floral Co

Pink Braided Updo





Pink balayage, updo, and makeup by Kiriko Kikuchi

Loc'ed & Braided Chignon




Updo & makeup by Kiriko Kikuchi

Photos by Jee Jing

Soft Floral Cascade





Hair by Kiriko Kikuchi

Photo & Dress by She Loves Dresses


Bliss Wedding Showcase



Dress by San Francisco-based Atelier des Modistes

Photo by Grier Cooper


See the full post, including model before & afters, here!



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I'll be adding to this page regularly so stay connected via my social media channels for updates! You can also sign up for my newsletter for quarterly updates here.









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