Platinum Blonde Hair Care: Part 1

Have you ever wondered what's it like going platinum blonde? Meet Cassie, one of my regular platinum blonde clients. People with platinum blonde hair, especially long platinum blonde hair, know that this look is a major commitment. Cassie was kind enough to let me record an interview with her about her hair care routine during one of her monthly bleach and tone appointments.

I summarize her routine in Part 2 in case you need the quick version. Otherwise, read on for a candid, in depth conversation in which we discuss her full routine, struggles, honest product reviews, and more!

[Note: Feel free to email me if you'd prefer the audio version. Also, the images are all clickable and the product links are Amazon Affiliate links, which means I make a small percentage should you choose to purchase anything through that link. If you do, thank you! I put a lot of care into this site and your support means a lot ♡]

K: So tell me about your hair care program.

C: Okay, so I wash my hair once a week, which is what you said to do. Before that, when it was its natural shade, I was only washing it twice a week, but my hair was super greasy. But now that it's not the way it was before, it's way drier. So you were totally right. Sometimes I don't even have to use dry shampoo on it for that entire week, because it's just so -- it absorbs any oil that there is, it's so porous. So when I wash it, first I brush it to get all the tangles out. That's another new thing that's weird about it, is even though my hair's still straight, because the strands are so thin now, it gets SO tangly.

K: Yeah.

C: It gets so much more tangly than it did when it was just like, Asian hair. You know? And now like --

K: Yeah. You like, couldn't get it tangled when it was healthy right? [laughs]

C: It would not! I could brush it for like, two seconds and not brush it for two days. Now it gets tangled in like, an hour. So I try to brush it once in the morning before I go to work, and then I brush it once at night before like, showering or going to bed. And with the brushing, like -- it's super tangled. There's nothing I can really do until I get it all out, and sometimes there's like, a little bit of breakage cuz I don't brush that gently.

But then if I see that things are like, you know, "Oh, there's a weird crease over here, or it's got a weird curl --" from wearing it in a bun all day, I'll wet that part, just with sink water, just to straighten it out, or just to calm it down cuz sometimes there's flyaways.

And after the brushing, when I wet it, then I put a little bit of the Gold Lust oil. And then -- [insert boyfriend] at one point had this Moroccan hair oil?

K: The blue bottle?

C: That was cool. No, it was in a brown bottle from -- I don't know what that brand is. John Frieda, one of those, you know? I's either Moroccan hair oil or macadamia nut oil. But all those oils, whichever one I have, after I wet it to flatten it out and smooth it out after the brushing, I rub some of that in my hands and rub it into the newly smoothed out hair. And that's what I do, you know, every couple days while it's not being washed. On the one day a week that I do wash it, first I brush it to get all the tangles out. Then I dunk my hair in the tub to get the whole thing wet.

K: Oh wow.

C: Then I do the Olaplex #2 [note: Olaplex #2 is the professional version of Olaplex #3, which is for clients. I'm not sure where Cassie got hers because Amazon only has #3 unless you buy the whole kit].

I never know how much of that I'm supposed to use, so I kind of like, put it in my hair a few times because I don't know if it's getting through all my hair because my hair's so long. So I towel-dry the hair, then I put the Olaplex in my hands, and I run it all through the hair, from roots to tips, and I focus on the roots and the tips, because that's where I feel like the damage is. And then I comb it through, and then I let it sit for at least ten minutes. Sometimes I'll forget about it for an hour.

K: Good.

C: And then after that, then I'll actually shower. First I'll rinse it, then I'll do the shampoo, and -- the shampoo, I alternate between that Italian brand -- the purple shampoo?

K: Fanola?

C: Fanola No Yellow. So either I'll use that, or I'll use the silver shampoo from Oribe. And I'll alternate, but I tend to use the purple one more, because the purple one just like, lightens my hair up, you know?

It gets it closer to white, and it gets rid of the yellow, whereas I think the silver one -- I don't know if it does anything really. I just -- it smells good, and it's just shampoo, but I don't think it's doing -- like when you look at it, it looks silvery in your hand, and it's supposed to be for people who have silver or grey hair, but I don't know if it's actually doing anything for me in terms of platinum.

K: Right.

C: But I just switch it out when I know that I don't need any purple. Cuz sometimes if I use the purple too often, it starts to get a little bit of a violet hue, which I hate. And so sometimes that happens, then I'll just use a straight up Pantene Pro-V normal shampoo that we've had in our house for a long time --

K: Mhm. To get it out?

C: Just to clarify it. Yeah. But I tend to use the purple every week, and then maybe once a month I'll be like, "Oop, it's getting too purple," and I'll do the Pantene or the silver from Oribe. The silver doesn't do anything though. It doesn't clean it out or make it silver or take the purple away. It's just shampoo.

K: Yeah.

C: I don't know -- it's the most gentle thing you could do. The Cleansing Creme that you told me to get -- I haven't used that one yet because I'm not really sure --

K: The minty green one? C: Yeah! I don't really know what that one is. Like, is it shampoo?

K: I would define shampoo as a cleanser that that suds up.

C: Okay, and that one doesn't suds up. So that's why --

K: It cleanses. It's gonna get dirt and like, grime out of your hair, and product if you have product in your hair, but it's not gonna suds up, and it's not gonna strip your hair.

C: Yeah, and the thing is, I really like the suds. I don't know really what they do or what they mean, but I feel good when it gets bubbly like that, and so it kind of trips me out when I use the ones that don't do that. And so I haven't really used -- that one's still a full bottle. Everything else is going down, but I got all that stuff in March, and I'm like, "Yay, it's still here," and it's October. So it's awesome. I think you're right, I only have to buy it once a year. Except for the Olaplex. I've been using a lot of that, because the bottle's this small.

K: It's tiny.

C: So I need to get another #2, but I just got that from Amazon. That's also where I got the Fanola.

K: Mhm! You know I have them listed on my Shop page?

C: Oh! I haven't even seen your Shop page.

K: Yeah! If you go through my Shop -- it's not really a shop in that I don't carry inventory, but I get an affiliate link. I just made that so that all my recommendations are in one place.

C: Got it. Okay, that makes sense. Right, you told me, because I need to go on there to see all your different supplement stuff.

K: Mhm. I think in the future, what I want to do is write some blog posts of like, "Here are all of my recommended products for platinum blonde maintenance," and "Here are all my recommended products for maintaining your blonde balayage," "Everything for maintaining your pink hair," like -- and just do it like that.

C: That's awesome. That's so cool. That's great -- you're building your business in so many different directions. It's so good.

K: You got to, you know?

C: Cuz you've got the mobile shop, you've also got the other thing you were doing where you're gonna record yourself, but then you also have tips and a blog, aside from your portfolio and like -- I mean, so many things. It's so awesome.

K: Thank you!

C: But yeah, what would you use that Cleansing Creme for?

K: I would use it on the days when you're not trying to add purple. I think that's a good option.

C: Okay, instead of the Pantene.

K: Yeah.

C: Okay, I should switch to that.

K: Yeah, cuz the Pantene's going to dry your hair out.

C: It definitely does. Actually, do you know what's extremely drying? The Fanola.

K: Oh, really?

C: It is extremely drying. My friend warned me. Because you had told me about Shimmer Lights or some other stuff, and my friend had recently gotten her hair highlighted. But she's more traditional. She doesn't do cool, fun colors. She just has like, dark hair with blondish highlights in it. And I'm like, "You should go to my hair lady!" But she -- I'm trying to explain to her, "She doesn't just do --," you don't just do pink and purple, like you actually do normal cool hair too. Like balayage, which is kind of what she wanted, but hers just doesn't look like --

K: Natural?

C: -- the ones that I've seen you do. Like, even on your own hair. I don't know what it is -- maybe it's that her hair is curly.

K: I've balayaged curly hair before.

C: Yeah, but I don't know if it's who she's going to, but when it's straightened, it doesn't look like how it would look like how yours looks, you know? Anyway, I don't know. I'm trying to get her to switch over. She's like, "But what about my hair lady? I'm gonna feel bad if I leave her."

K: Oh my god -_-

C: But whatever. Anyway, she's the one that told me to get Fanola No Yellow, cuz she always has highlighted her hair, and she's always like, "My hair always gets brassy. Like whether I do a light brown," or whatever it is, it always gets brassy, and she's like, "I needed something to keep it from getting brassy, and my stylist told me to get Fanola No Yellow." She's like, "You should try it on your hair, but beware that it's super drying." So I tried it, and I was like, "Holy shit, this makes my hair so light and so close to like, white, and not yellow." It makes it look lighter than it even looks when I just, you know, use clarifying shampoo. It works. There's something in it -- it's probably too strong, you know?

K: You know what? I'm gonna set about making you something that's not really drying.

C: Yeah, I don't know, maybe I should show you the bottle of Fanola. I don't know if you use it, but you can see what's in it and tell me if it has like, bad things. Like maybe it has bleach in it. I don't know! Because it's kind of amazing the way it works. But! It is super drying, and that's what makes me feel like maybe there is bleach in it, you know?

K: No, they wouldn't put bleach in it....

C: Maybe not bleach, but there's stuff that makes it super drying. Okay, so I wash out the Olaplex, then I shampoo with the purple [Fanola No Yellow], and then I wash that out and I alternate every other week with the Oribe mask or the Oribe conditioner. And those are both under the Gold Lust -- it's the whole Gold Lust line except for the silver shampoo.

K: Got it.

C: The silver's the only one that's not in that line. Or I guess the Cleansing Creme isn't either. But everything else is part of the Gold Lust line, and -- yeah. After that, either one I use, I try to leave it on as long as possible. Like I'll put that in, and then maybe I'll shave -- just to keep it in there for at least five minutes. Then I wash it out and it's sooo soft. That Oribe stuff is just so good.

K: Yeah.

C: And then it's super, super soft, and no tangles, and then I towel dry it, and -- wait, what do I do? I towel dry it, and then I put a dollop of the Oribe Gold Lust leave-in conditioner. I don't think that that's what they call it though. It's like, moisturizing cream.

K: Moisturizing cream. And it's Gold Lust?

C: I don't know. I can show it to you.

K: What color is it?

C: It's in a purple bottle.

K: Is it Supershine?

C: Yeah! I think it's Supershine. Yeah, but that's leave in conditioner right? Or what is it for?

K: I mean, it might as well be. It's very hydrating, it's very conditioning, it has UV protection and heat protection, makes your hair really soft and shiny.

C: Yeah.

K: It's everything you want a leave in conditioner to be, for sure, even if they don't actively call it that.

C: Oh, okay, got it. Yeah, so that's what I put in next. I put a dollop of that, massage it through, and then comb it, and then that's it. I let it air dry, which takes so long now. It used to -- my whole head would be dry in like 20 minutes before, and now it takes --

K: Just air dry?

C: It takes three and a half hours.

K: Holy shit.

C: And before, it would literally be dry in 20 to 30 minutes. My whole head. Like, just sitting around, cuz of whatever texture my hair was before. And now it takes sometimes three to four hours.

K: Oh my god.

C: But I'm too lazy to blow dry, you know? Plus I feel like that's damaging, so I just don't do that.

K: Good.

C: And then once it's dry, or even sometimes the next day, then I'll put a little bit of that Oribe oil in again. A little bit at the roots, and then a little bit at the ends.

K: Oh okay. But not the mids?

C: I try not to use the oil -- or throughout, but like I concentrate it there when I'm rubbing it in, because I feel like my ends are the driest.

K: What about your scalp -- your roots? Your roots are dry?

C: They're not dry, but that's where the breakage was --

K: Ohhh, gotcha.

C: -- so I feel like I just want to give extra attention to both of those ends.

K: That makes sense.

C: The top and the bottom. But I don't use the oil every day because I fear that it makes my hair matted and dirty. So I only use the oil when I do the thing where I wet it to refresh it, but I don't even do a full rinse when I do that. I literally just like, turn the sink on and like, am putting water onto my hair with my hands. You know? Just to wet it mildly. I don't really wet the whole head except for when I wash it one day a week.

K: Gotcha.

C: Cuz I know you were saying, "Oh, if it gets too gross from working out, you can just rinse it and put oil in," but I have yet to do that. I still -- it's just such a process that I only do the wash once a week. And it's like, an hour. The whole thing, you know?

K: Yeah. Do you have a shampoo powder?

C: I have the Gold Lust --

K: That stuff doesn't really work that well for dry shampoo in my opinion.

C: Yeah! I don't think it is dry shampoo.

K: [laughs]

C: Now that I've been using it, I feel like it's more just a texturizing spray, and it's nice because it has like, the UV protection, but to be completely honest I've used a lot of different dry shampoos and none of them really work. Like I don't think any of them --

K: Okay, the Lulu Organics Hair Powder is what you need.

C: Powder. Okay. Maybe I'll try that. Cuz I have yet to do a powder. I've only done the different sprays. But in the end, I'm just like, "Okay, it made it better for now," but it's still shitty three hours later. Like it feels thicker, and even more dirty. But the moment I put it in --

K: I use the Lulu Organics Hair Powder, and it's awesome.

C: Okay. So there's that. I feel like it depends how much I exercise that week, or did I sweat a lot? Or, you know, how dirty did the hair actually get? And I actually have been finding that when I brush my hair, I get a lot of lint in it. It traps lint now, because it's thinner and things stick to it? So I had to switch from a flannel pillow case to a normal pillow case because my hair was getting lint-y.

K: [laughs]

C: When I would brush it twice a day, like, it wouldn't just be hair in the brush, it would be just a shit ton of like -- almost dust bunnies. It's fucked up. I don't know. It never used to happen before. It's just the texture is so different now.

K: Yeah.

C: So my hair doesn't look as dirty because like I said, it's so dry, it absorbs the oil. So that's the only one I have right now, the Gold Lust spray. But I've used others before, and honestly, they'll give me volume, but they don't really make me feel cleaner. Even if I shake it out as much as possible.

K: Yeah.

C: So yeah, that's the routine.

K: Awesome. That was so informative! Thank you!

Lol dust bunnies! Real talk in the beauty salon.

So one note before we get to the routine summary: her product collection is definitely a splurge. Most Oribe products are in the $40-50 range. But look at her hair, you know what I mean? It's working for her. And since she's only washing once a week, she's really able to stretch each bottle.

When I first went platinum I barely knew anything about how to take care of my hair, and Olaplex wasn't invented yet! I lost 6 inches of hair in the first few months and ended up with a classic chemical bob :) So products are important.

That said, we don't all have hundreds of dollars to sink into our hair care routine so I'll be doing another post about platinum blonde maintenance on a budget.

Without further ado!

Cassie's Perfect Platinum Hair Routine

1. Brush twice daily

2. Shampoo once weekly

3. Pre-wash: deep condition with Olaplex #3

4. Alternate shampoo with Fanola No Yellow or Oribe Silverati as needed to tone

5. Condition with Oribe Gold Lust mask or conditioner as needed

6. Apply Oribe Supershine to towel dried hair

7. Air dry 3-4 hours

8. Apply Oribe Gold Lust Oil to dry hair, focusing on roots and ends

9. Refresh hair throughout the week with dry shampoo at the roots (verdict's still out on her favorite), and water and more Gold Lust Oil at the ends

Voila! One babe's path to platinum perfection. What are your favorite purple shampoos? Are you curious about going platinum? Feel free to comment below, via email, Twitter, or Instagram. Thank you so much for reading!



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