Platinum Blonde Hair Care: Part 1

Have you ever wondered what's it like going platinum blonde? Meet Cassie, one of my regular platinum blonde clients. People with platinum blonde hair, especially long platinum blonde hair, know that this look is a major commitment. Cassie was kind enough to let me record an interview with her about her hair care routine during one of her monthly bleach and tone appointments.

I summarize her routine in Part 2 in case you need the quick version. Otherwise, read on for a candid, in depth conversation in which we discuss her full routine, struggles, honest product reviews, and more!

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K: So tell me about your hair care program.

C: Okay, so I wash my hair once a week, which is what you said to do. Before that, when it was its natural shade, I was only washing it twice a week, but my hair was super greasy. But now that it's not the way it was before, it's way drier. So you were totally right. Sometimes I don't even have to use dry shampoo on it for that entire week, because it's just so -- it absorbs any oil that there is, it's so porous. So when I wash it, first I brush it to get all the tangles out. That's another new thing that's weird about it, is even though my hair's still straight, because the strands are so thin now, it gets SO tangly.

K: Yeah.

C: It gets so much more tangly than it did when it was just like, Asian hair. You know? And now like --

K: Yeah. You like, couldn't get it tangled when it was healthy right? [laughs]

C: It would not! I could brush it for like, two seconds and not brush it for two days. Now it gets tangled in like, an hour. So I try to brush it once in the morning before I go to work, and then I brush it once at night before like, showering or going to bed. And with the brushing, like -- it's super tangled. There's nothing I can really do until I get it all out, and sometimes there's like, a little bit of breakage cuz I don't brush that gently.

But then if I see that things are like, you know, "Oh, there's a weird crease over here, or it's got a weird curl --" from wearing it in a bun all day, I'll wet that part, just with sink water, just to straighten it out, or just to calm it down cuz sometimes there's flyaways.

And after the brushing, when I wet it, then I put a little bit of the Gold Lust oil. And then -- [insert boyfriend] at one point had this Moroccan hair oil?

K: The blue bottle?

C: That was cool. No, it was in a brown bottle from -- I don't know what that brand is. John Frieda, one of those, you know? I's either Moroccan hair oil or macadamia nut oil. But all those oils, whichever one I have, after I wet it to flatten it out and smooth it out after the brushing, I rub some of that in my hands and rub it into the newly smoothed out hair. And that's what I do, you know, every couple days while it's not being washed. On the one day a week that I do wash it, first I brush it to get all the tangles out. Then I dunk my hair in the tub to get the whole thing wet.

K: Oh wow.

C: Then I do the Olaplex #2 [note: Olaplex #2 is the professional version of Olaplex #3, which is for clients. I'm not sure where Cassie got hers because Amazon only has #3 unless you buy the whole kit].

I never know how much of that I'm supposed to use, so I kind of like, put it in my hair a few times because I don't know if it's getting through all my hair because my hair's so long. So I towel-dry the hair, then I put the Olaplex in my hands, and I run it all through the hair, from roots to tips, and I focus on the roots and the tips, because that's where I feel like the damage is. And then I comb it through, and then I let it sit for at least ten minutes. Sometimes I'll forget about it for an hour.

K: Good.

C: And then after that, then I'll actually shower. First I'll rinse it, then I'll do the shampoo, and -- the shampoo, I alternate between that Italian brand -- the purple shampoo?

K: Fanola?

C: Fanola No Yellow. So either I'll use that, or I'll use the silver shampoo from Oribe. And I'll alternate, but I tend to use the purple one more, because the purple one just like, lightens my hair up, you know?

It gets it closer to white, and it gets rid of the yellow, whereas I think the silver one -- I don't know if it does anything really. I just -- it smells good, and it's just shampoo, but I don't think it's doing -- like when you look at it, it looks silvery in your hand, and it's supposed to be for people who have silver or grey hair, but I don't know if it's actually doing anything for me in terms of platinum.

K: Right.

C: But I just switch it out when I know that I don't need any purple. Cuz sometimes if I use the purple too often, it starts to get a little bit of a violet hue, which I hate. And so sometimes that happens, then I'll just use a straight up Pantene Pro-V normal shampoo that we've had in our house for a long time --

K: Mhm. To get it out?

C: Just to clarify it. Yeah. But I tend to use the purple every week, and then maybe once a month I'll be like, "Oop, it's getting too purple," and I'll do the Pantene or the silver from Oribe. The silver doesn't do anything though. It doesn't clean it out or make it silver or take the purple away. It's just shampoo.

K: Yeah.

C: I don't know -- it's the most gentle thing you could do. The Cleansing Creme that you told me to get -- I haven't used that one yet because I'm not really sure --

K: The