Conceal Acne & Create Glowy Skin

A leisurely Monday morning in Bali. Meet Putu, my first Indonesian friend. Despite our language barrier - or mine, rather, as she speaks quite a bit of English and I can basically only order a kopi tanpa gula at this point - I learned that she's never had her hair and makeup done before!

She was interested in something subtle and wanted to know what to do about her acne and scarring. I focused on creating even, glowing skin, adding a little sparkle and depth to her features, adding structure to her (untweezed and gorgeous) brows, and sculpting some soft tousled waves.

No photo retouching on any of these pictures. Scroll for the before picture and full product list. She's so stunning! Terima kasih Putu ♡

Any links below are Amazon Affiliate links, FYI, meaning I make a commission if you purchase anything through the links. If you have favorite products for concealing acne, please feel free to drop your links in the comments:

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer - painted on with a flat brush (this gives me more control than a sponge, think of icing a cake). 2 layers where there were the most scars/pitting. Let dry completely before moving onto foundation. (I did brows while the primer dried)

The Ordinary Serum Foundation in 2.1Y - this is super sheer yet layers beautifully, so I did a full sweep over her face and neck and then added layers over acne and redness as needed

Makeup Designory neutral eyeshadow palette for brows

Kett Cosmetics concealers

YBF Rock the Croc eyeshadow palette

BH Cosmetics Weekend Festival eyeshadow palette

BH Cosmetics Spotlight Highlight palette on the brow bone, cheekbone, and cupid's bow

Elf blush light and bronzer palettes

Makeup Designory mascara

Victoria's Secret gloss in Cherry Bomb

Skindinavia Bridal setting spray - 3 layers to protect that crisp white collar lol - this makes your makeup indestructible!

• Lightly dusted the nose and some spots with The Ordinary's vitamin C powder to create a very matte finish (*not* on the active breakouts, and patch tested first cuz she doesn't use any products normally and this stuff can sting)

No products on the hair, just flat iron waves. Should I do a post on how to create beach waves? What products do you use to conceal acne?



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