Hairstory: Full Product Line Review

Hairstory full product line review. #haircare #newwash #cowash

Hairstory is one of my favorite high end hair care lines.

I love them because they're rich in high quality botanicals, cruelty-free, work for a very wide range of hair textures, and are divinely scented.

In this post I'll give my honest opinions based on my experience with each product and compare to similar products.

[7/19/2018 edit: This is a post based on their original line. I'll be writing reviews of their newest products as soon as I get my hands on them!]

I'm a Hairstory affiliate member and do make a commission off each product sold, as well as off the Amazon Affiliate links included in this post, at no additional cost to you. I offer my opinions of each product based on my extensive personal experience with each. Any commission I make goes directly back into my blog, so thank you for your support!

Hairstory: Full Product Line Review #haircare #hairstory #newwash #cowash

1. New Wash

New Wash is a cleansing cream that the brand created with the aim of eliminating the need for separate shampoo, conditioner, and repair products. And they claim that it's suitable for all hair types. A tall order!

I think it's amazing for people with textured, dry, and damaged hair. It provides a lot of slip and leaves hair hydrated, clean, soft, and is great for people who love to air dry their hair. It really brings out the best in natural hair texture.

I honestly don't recommend it anymore for anyone on a budget (it's pricey!) or with very fine hair.

Yes, it will clean your hair and scalp if you massage it *very* vigorously and rinse out *very* thoroughly. You have to use a LOT to fully coat your scalp and hair, and the way the bottle is designed, it takes quite a number of pumps to get enough product out.

If a product is going to 1) expensive and 2) be a pain in the ass to even get out of the bottle, it had better be *perfectly* suited to your hair type, so I just refer my fine-haired clients to more lightweight products like R & Co Dallas Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner.

If you want something botanical-based and super budget-friendly, try using Trader Joe's Tea Tree Conditioner as a cleansing cream. I'm not kidding, it works really well and I keep this product on rotation for days when I need to balance my scalp.

2. Hair Balm

Hair Balm is a lightweight, hydrating styling balm that Hairstory charmingly describes as "skincare for hair." It's great for applying to damp hair and air-drying.

The hold level depends on the hair type - coarse, thick, dry and/or damaged hair of all textures will find that Hair Balm provides lightweight moisture and hold (if this is your hair type and you're looking for more hold, keep reading for my review of Dressed Up).

Fine and/or virgin hair types of all textures will find that it gives your hair more hold and body. Unlike New Wash, a little goes a long way, so it provides a little more bang for your back. If the price point is a factor, try R & Co High Dive or Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Leave-In.

3. Undressed

Undressed is soft-hold styling spray that, for the right hair type, is a transformative game changer. It creates body and texture that defies expectations for clients whose hair typically "doesn't really do anything." Applied to damp or dry hair, it enhances natural texture, creates body and movement, and gives a soft-hold grip to hair.

I love it because you can keep layering and layering and it won't get sticky or tacky, but it will literally transform the hair texture of especially fine, limp, wavy, and slightly curly hair. It's great for creating air-dried beachy waves without the crunch factor you can get from salt spray. I apply it liberally especially for styling shag cuts and swoopy bangs.

If you have very curly hair, this product honestly won't do much for you besides hydrate lightly and smell nice, since you're probably looking for more moisture and hold. Read the reviews for Hair Balm (above) or Dressed Up (below) and their comparative products instead.

4. Dressed Up

Dressed Up is a styling balm that you apply to damp hair to give it soft hold and body. I love it as a base product for setting the hair before I create an updo, especially soft, romantic styles. It works well for setting coarse, thick, dry or damaged hair of any texture - fine hair of any texture would do better with Hair Balm. It's richer and has more hold than Hair Balm.

I also apply it to dry hair to smooth flyaways, and it's a great matte pomade-type product for my short hair and barbering clients. A little goes a long way and it layers well without any visible residue.

Have you tried any Hairstory products? Which products in this post interest you the most?

Please comment below or email me at with any questions or comments. If you have any products you'd like to recommend that I try out, please let this product junkie know!

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Happy spring!



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