Braid Bar x The Shops Sale

Hi Bay Area lovelies! You're invited fun, relaxing event next Saturday: Babe Magic Braid Bar, this time at The Shops Sale at Temescal Brewing in Oakland! 12-4pm, with 15+ local makers & creators who will be selling their beautiful wares at 50-90% off :) I'll be doing braids, deep tissue scalp massage, and offering my first ever product, Melting Potion (details below). Please pre-book by emailing

Photo by She Loves Dresses ​

The long version: I'll have a cozy booth to create quick, lovely braided styles like braid crowns, halos, and more - you can see some options here. If you have another style in mind, please free to share your vision with me and we'll make it happen! $20 for weekend-ready hair for adults, $15 for kiddos, some self-care, femme goddess vibes, holiday shopping, and beer if you're into it! Super fun - please spread the word!

For those who are interested in a self-care option besides hair, I'm also offering deep-tissue scalp reflexology massage with my first! ever! product! Melting Potion! If you've ever gotten a massage from me, like at the shampoo bowl, imagine that but for as long as you want, with a botanical-mineral version of Xanax massaged into your head and neck. Yum.

WHAT is this Melting Potion you ask?

Melting Potion is a holistic product I developed for myself and loved ones because I desperately needed something for my chronic pain issues. I've tried prescription drugs, expensive treatments, topical CBD, everything. My experience with Melting Potion is that it cures tension at the root level, not just short term relief, and that its benefits increase with regular use. You'll feel results immediately as Melting Potion induces the most amazing sense of deep relaxation literally like you're melting!

I want everyone who needs some to be able to try it so for now I'm offering it practically at cost at $10 per 2 oz bottle - please let me know when you book if you're interested and I'll reserve a bottle for you.

So to summarize:

  • This Saturday 10/21, Temescal Brewing in Oakland, 12pm - 4pm

  • Braids & massages, $20 for adults, $15 for kids

  • Melting Potion: $10

  • 15+ shops, makers & artists selling wares at 50%-90% off!

Shoot me an email at if you want to book, and please share this post with anyone you think would enjoy! Thank you for your support and hope to see you soon!



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