The Astropalmistry report explores your soul purpose, personality, major energetic patterns of your past, present, and future through your astrology birth chart and palmistry. The reports are available in short, normal, and extended PDF formats, and each comes with hand-drawn, color-coded palmistry diagrams. BOOKINGS CLOSED 8/8 - 8/18. 


If you require audio for accessibility, please just let me know and I will send an audio file instead of PDF.

To order, please submit your payment and email the following 5 pieces of information to

1. Your full name and pronouns

2. Your birth day

3. Your exact birth time

4. Your birth location

5. Crystal clear photos (ideally taken near a window on an overcast day, but flash works too) of the entirety of both hands, front and back, including fingernails (4 photos total)

Turnaround is 3-5 business days from the date of your confirmation email. Please contact me in advance for an optional free consultation with any questions or concerns, as I strictly cannot offer refunds or exchanges once you have received your confirmation email. Thank you for your understanding!

Short $33.33: 1000 words

Regular $44.44: 1500 words

Extended $55.55: 2000 words


Quick Spiritual Guidance

Ever felt like you needed a spiritual BFF that you could text anytime for help? 


Perfect for when you need spiritual guidance FAST or if you're not ready to invest in a full reading with me. 


Download the free app InstantGo and book a session with me on any of the following topics:


  • Spiritual & energetic guidance

  • Tarot reading using the Pizza Witch deck

  • Nail & manicure readings (the meaning of your broken nail for example)

  • Dream analysis

  • Guided spellwork & moon rituals

  • & more

Please note I cannot offer palm readings via text. It is not a secure channel, and I care about the safety of your fingerprint data! Palm readings are only available through the secure system outlined above, under the section titled Astro/Palmistry Readings. Thank you for your understanding.


"Wow! This is so spot on and encouraging. Your quick portrait nailed me to a T. For the past few months I've been hesitant to take the next big leap that will push me further in my practice and my art. I was drowning in self doubt.


But the past few days I've been showered with an abundance of synchronicities, collimating with your wonderful reading that proves to me that I'm on the right path and that the universe knows how to speak to me in ways that I trust and understand.


I am SO HAPPY right now. Thank you!!!! Thank you so much. Extremely on-point and enlightening. But more than that, I now feel emboldened to take the steps I need to bring my world into focus."

"What an amazing gift you have! Thank you for the reading, I felt it was extremely accurate and provided me with more insight and a different take on what I’ve learned about my past and current life phases already. I read it aloud and my boyfriend was like 'yup,' 'yup,' 'that’s you' lol.


I was impressed by how aesthetically pleasing it was. The layout was so crisp and to the point, minimal all while maintaining a creative flair."





High Dive

Leave-in Styling Cream

High Dive is a moisturizing leave-in conditioning cream that will leave your hair SO shiny and silky. It also provides UV and heat protection. Read the full review in Beach Day Beauty Essentials.



Face Roller

Beauty Massage Tool

This amazing face massage roller provides deep and comforting kneading while stimulating and reviving tired, stressed skin with mechanical rolling action and solar powered microcurrents.



Sun Shield

SPF 28 Sunblock

My favorite non-toxic, zinc-based sunblock. No cast and perfect texture - it almost has a mattifying effect. I love the coconut but they also have an unscented version. Read the full review in Beach Day Beauty Essentials.

pizza witch tarot deck

Pizza Witch

Tarot Deck

Excellent and fun tarot deck by my buddy Courtney Andujar - made with love for all babes with a penchant for underground music, Sharpie doodles, and the magical healing powers of pizza.




Shampoo & Conditioner

Probably the strongest purple conditioner on the market right now. Use as often as needed to maintain cool tones for all blonde & fashion color clients. Read "Platinum Blonde Hair Care" for more info.


The Ordinary


Chemical Peeling Solution

Cult favorite at-home chemical peel by the Ordinary. Super cheap and super amazing for reducing hyperpigmentation, pores, and texture in just 10 minutes.




Hawaiian Astaxanthin

Natural self-tanner. This algae-based product is rich in antioxidants, and I use it to boost my energy, give my skin an amazing glow, and repair sun damage from the inside out. Read the full review in Beach Day Beauty Essentials.

wild unknown tarot deck and book officia

Wild Unknown

Tarot Deck & Guidebook Box Set

My first tarot deck and very close to my heart. Excellent deck for all Earthlings, especially nature witches. You can get just the deck, but I recommend the box set - the guidebook is a must-read.

lulu organics hair powder

Lulu Organics

Hair Powder

Dry Shampoo Powder

Hands down my favorite dry shampoo powder. Absorbs oil, refreshes scalp & hair, and builds volume without visible residue. I featured this product in my rainbow hair care guide, Magic Hair Cheat Sheets.



Setting Spray

The Makeup Finishing Spray

Must-have setting spray for makeup artists and enthusiasts alike. Resists water, transfer, and the elements. Keep your makeup in place all day and night.

magnesium oil



Sourced from the Zechstein Seabed

Cures muscle pain and tension, hangovers and PMS, stimulates circulation, and encourages hair growth. Spritz scalp to toe and relax for an hour if you want to feel like a delicious pile of noodles. Really.




Tarot Deck

A great tarot deck for beginners because there are 1000 interpretation guides online that reference this classic deck. Bonus: illustrated by a queer woman of color, Pamela Coleman Smith!